QUESTIONS for Rees Howells, Intercessor

  1. How would you compare Rees Howells’ upbringing in the 1880s with your own?
  2. What was his ambition when he went to America and what happened to bring him back to Wales?
  3. Where did Howells meet the Holy Spirit and what followed?
  4. When Howells gave his life to God, he believed God had 2 objectives – ‘intense cultivation and abounding fruitfulness’. What did this entail for Rees?
  5. How did Rees’ healing ministry reveal his total obedience to God?
  6. What is an intercessor by Rees Howells’ definition?
  7. God called on Rees to go about without a hat, which he found really hard to do. What do we consider essential apparel that the Lord might call us to give up?
  8. What can we learn or apply from Rees Howells’ ‘abiding in the Spirit’?
  9. In preparing for mission, giving up his child, and buying property, what stood out to you about these decisions?
  10. Was there something which challenged you particularly in this book, is there something you think God wants you to do?

REES HOWELLS INTERCESSOR: The story of a life lived for God. by Norman Grubb

rees howells intercessor

In this biography of Rees Howells, whose mastery of intercessory prayer had global consequences, we discover rich truths of the Spirit for all the church today. Norman Grubb tells the story with simplicity, humanity, and humour.