Bruchko Questions:

Questions to consider:

1.  From the beginning Bruce Olson was an individual. How did he respond to the study of the Bible in Greek and Hebrew?

2.  What training did Bruce have to deal with hardships and primitive living?

3.  What demands did God place on Bruce when he started his work amongst the South American Indians?

4.  What trials did Bruce have to face, and which event caused you the most discomfort for him?

5.  What was God’s purpose in bringing Bruchko to the Motilones?

6.  How did Bruchko manage to sustain himself while he was trying to understand the Motilone culture?

7.  How did God show his power and provision during the time Bruchko lived with the Indians?

8.  Which part of the story had an impact on your own faith and the path God has taken you?

9.  The Motilone’s death practice involved placing the deceased body on a raised pier and leaving the birds to pick the flesh off the bones, releasing the spirit to the horizon (afterlife). What are your thoughts on this? Does it matter to God what is done with our physical bodies once we die?

10. Are there any modern-day Bruchkos?