Questions for The night the Angels came / Little Women

  1. Both these stories are couched in the hardship and fears of civil war. Mr March is away for 12 months and the story of his family reminds us of the trials of single parenting.  Chrissie Chapman, an unmarried woman alone in Burundi, is able to adopt 3 children from this war-torn country.  What stresses arise that cause both mothers to pray and seek the Lord for guidance?
  2. Mrs March gives her four girls a Bible to read for their spiritual nourishment, and the girls know the story of Pilgrim’s Progress quite thoroughly. How do the expectations surrounding their needs and prayers rely on this training? How do the responses of the four girls compare with Chrissie’s reliance on God’s word especially regarding fear, faith, and forgiveness?
  3. Both families are poor and yet seem to gain riches from God, who sends provision in their times of need. What were they able to achieve with God’s help?
  4. When sickness and calamity arrive God sends various help. When have you received this sort of help from the Lord in your own life?
  5. Each book has powerful stories of individuals and their different personalities and achievements. The girls in Little Women were based on the author’s own sisters.  Who do you identify with in these stories and why?
  6. When Chrissie was in hospital at death’s door, she had an astounding experience of God. This led her to cry out to God “I want my life to make a difference”.  Did this challenge you to think of your work for God and how he has helped you make a difference in your situation?  What will the Lord challenge us to do at this stage of our lives? (compare the lives of the pastors, nurses, teachers and supporters who helped CRIB and the international school).
  7. Both families espouse hard work and trust in God. What experiment did Mrs March undertake to teach her girls the value of work?  Have you ever tried this in your own home?
  8. Fifty three children owe their lives to Chrissie and her team, in the service of the Lord. Within our own families, how does this example encourage us to bring our children up to know and love the Lord, and what incidents in Burundi remind you of the privileges we have?
  9. The joy that music brings to the soul is mentioned in both stories. Were there particular words from these songs that ministered to you in your current circumstances, or have done in the past?
  10. Bible training colleges and camps are mentioned in Chrissie’s history which indicate that midwifery was not just about bringing babies into the world. Have you done any biblical training in your past and where did God lead you to use your training?

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