Bookclub questions for ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

  1. Which characters do you relate to in this novel? Why?
  2. To whom was Lorry referring to when he sent the message “Recalled to Life” from the coach?
  3. Are there passages in book one that present the times in a graphic way? Can you share one?
  4. How is the inter-relationship of Darnay, Dr Manette and Lucie developed, and what techniques does Dickens employ to add to the suspense of the story?
  5. What made the most impression on you as you read about Roger Cly’s funeral?
  6. When Jerry Cruncher went fishing at night where did he fish?
  7. What changed Jerry’s opinion of his wife’s ‘flopping’ after spending 15 months in Paris during the Revolution?
  8. A “loadstone” is a piece of magnetite that attracts iron or steel, and is used in marine navigation, or something that attracts strongly. What was Darnay’s Loadstone Rock and where did it take him?
  9. Lucie Manette was an unchanging character, always calm and kind. Do you think she was the good to Madame Defarge’s evil in the story?
  10. How do you see the last days of Sydney Carton when he was repeating the verses about the Resurrection and the Life?

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