1. What country was the story set in?
  2. Why was Rabi thought a spy in 1975?
  3. What relationship did Rabi have with his father?
  4. When his father died, how did this change Rabi’s life?
  5. Has there been a similar situation in your life, where the death of a loved one has changed your existence radically?
  6. What do you think about Rabi’s mother’s decisions throughout her life?
  7. Were there any descriptions of Hindu religious observance that you were unaware of?
  8. How did Rabi hear of Jesus first?
  9. Do you think that people tell others about Jesus in every day conversation currently?
  10. Compare the verses that were significant in Rabi’s decision to follow Christ and those in your own life.
  11. Rabi’s friends and colleagues have some amazing conversion stories to tell. Can you share some insights into your own conversion or who God has brought into your life through your ministry?

If you have not been able to finish the book don’t despair.  This article online gives you a short version of Rabi’s experience.

 Article relating Rabi Maharaj’s conversion from CRI – Christian Research Institute


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